Fitness Equipment

Dynastream’s  wireless fitness equipment solutions make gym equipment smarter by leveraging the industry-leading ANT+ Ecosystem.  Module products include the newly announced G.FIT solution as well as FIT1e and FIT2.

The G.FIT Solution

G.FIT is a turnkey dual-protocol ANT/Bluetooth® low energy technology (BLE) solution for wireless fitness equipment, optimized for group and classroom training applications (e.g., leader board applications) with 50+ fitness devices and multiple receivers.  G.FIT is exclusively available on modules from Dynastream Innovations.

G.FIT Meets the Challenges of group fitness

Dynastream Innovations Inc. has been working hard to evolve individual fitness machines to incorporate group fitness capabilities. The G.FIT solution is the result of that evolution, and solves the challenges of group fitness:

  • G.FIT works around WiFi interference to ensure large groups of 50+ devices can connect concurrently to a group application (e.g., a leader board).
  • G.FIT solves pairing & setup challenges with support for both ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors.
  • G.FIT makes it easy for non-technical users to pair by providing proximity pairing and list pairing features.
  • G.FIT solves personal device pairing by re-broadcasting ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate data and works with the ANT+ FE-C Device Profile and Bluetooth Fitness Machine Service profile (FTMS/FTMP) so that people can record entire workout sessions on their personal devices.
  • G.FIT enables technology maintenance with both built-in support for easy serial or wireless updates and the creation of custom device-specific G.FIT applications using the G.FIT Library and SDK.

Download the G.FIT Product Brief  Contact Dynastream Sales

G.FIT Modules

G.FIT features for fitness equipment applications and group/gym environments are preloaded on G.FIT Fitness Equipment Modules, based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52832 SoC supporting ANT+ and Bluetooth® low energy technology.  The modules feature:

  • Two form factors (20x20mm D52Q and 9.8x14mm D52M) for flexibile integrations
  • Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52832 chip with 64kB RAM, 512kB Flash and a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F CPU
  • The G.FIT Network Processor application featuring:
    • ANT+ FE-C with diversified frequency support and HRM device profile support
    • Bluetooth HRS/HRP (heart rate profile and service), FTMS/FTMP (fitness equipment machine service profile) and DIS (Device Information Service)
    • Enhanced coexistence support for group applications
    • Wireless and serial firmware update support
  • Certification of compliance with radio standards in major markets including North America, Australia / New Zealand, Japan and Korea; declared conformity with radio regulations and requirements for Europe
  • Qualification by the Bluetooth SIG
  • Built in RSSI calibration information
  • Serilalized ANT ID to ensure unique device IDs in G.FIT products
  • Hardware drop-in compatibility with Dynastream modules (C7, AP2, N5, D52Q in certain configurations)

To learn more about G.FIT Fitness Equipment Modules, please visit the G.FIT module product page or contact Dynastream sales:

G.FIT Modules  Contact Dynastream Sales

Integration Options

There are two G.FIT integration options for fitness equipment manufacturers to take advantage of G.FIT capabilities:

  1. Connect to the pre-loaded G.FIT Network Processor Application from an existing fitness equipment controller (MCU) via serial API

  1. Create a single-controller solution by building a custom fitness equipment controller application incorporating G.FIT features using the G.FIT SDK

Download the G.FIT Library and SDK to learn more about either of these integration options.

G.FIT Software Downloads

FIT Modules

FIT1e and FIT2 modules from Dynastream Innovations add wireless connectivity to fitness equipment, allowing for a tailored workout experience.  Highlights include:

  • Loading custom workout profiles from personal devices (such as fitness watches or smartphones)
  • Simultaneous real-time display and storage of workout data on the fitness equipment as well as personal devices
  • Fast proximity pairing of personal ANT+ devices to fitness equipment

FIT1e and FIT2 modules  are used by  popular brands such as Star Trac and Schwinnin exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and more.

For more information on FIT1e and FIT2 solutions, contact Dynastream sales.

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G.FIT and FIT Module Models


    Fitness Equipment Modules
Series G.FIT FIT2 FIT1e
Custom App Support    
Serial Connection
Pairing List and RSSI based proximity RSSI based proximity AGC based proximity
NFC Compatible    
ANT+ FE-C    
Cust. ANT Channels Up to 9 4 2
Bluetooth® low energy      
BLE HR Central / Peripheral    
BLE Fit Machine Svc.    
Custom BLE Svc.    
EM HRM    
Field Upgradable*    
Data burst rate (bps) Up to 60k Up to 20k Up to 20k
Data encryption AES-128    
Max. Tx power (dBm) 4 4 0
Supply Voltage (V) 1.7-3.6 2.0-3.6 3.0-10.0
Mounting SMT pins and LGA pads SMT pins Connector
Models GFM4 GFM4-A GFM8 FIT2 FIT1e
Size (mm) 20 x 20 x 2.8 20 x 20 x 2.8 14 x 9.8 x 2 20 x 20 x 2.6 20 x 33 x 7.0
GPIO Up to 30 Up to 24 Up to 24    
Analog IO 8 8 8    
3-axis MEMS accelerometer        
Certifications FCC, IC, NZ/Aus, CE, JP, Kor FCC, IC, CE NZ/Aus, JP FCC, IC, CE, NZ/Aus, JP

* Via wireless or serial connection