Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment manufacturers can advance their capabilities with FIT modules from Dynastream Innovations. These modules add wireless connectivity to fitness equipment, which allows engaging, highly personalized, workout experiences and features for athletes, including:

  • Loading custom workout profiles onto fitness equipment from personal devices (such as fitness watches or smartphones)
  • Simultaneous real-time display and storage of workout data on the fitness equipment as well as personal devices
  • Connected group workouts
  • Fast proximity pairing of ANT+ devices to fitness equiptment

FIT module adoption creates ease for fitness manufacturers as they build advanced devices. The FIT module connects networks of at least three devices, and has been used to enable as many as 80 fitness bikes and cyclists in a class witout start-up or data corruption issues.  Connections have two way communication and can pair with an athlete’s personal ANT+ devices in seconds.

Dominating the connected group exercise market, FIT modules can be found in exercise bikes from popular brands such as Star Trac and Schwinn, as well as in treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and more. 

FIT module solutions:

Two FIT module solutions exist, FIT1e and FIT2, and both are certified for use in major markets such as the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Solution Highlights:

  FIT2 Module FIT1e Module
 Dimensions  20mm x 20mm x  2.6mm  20mm x 33mm x 7mm
 Mounting  SMT  Connector
 Proximity Pairing  Higher RSSI  resolution  Normal Resolution
 ANT - FS  Advanced  Yes
 Data Burst Rate  Up to 60kbps  Up to 20kbps
 Custom Configurable  Channel  4  2
 HRM Support  ANT+ Only  ANT+ and legacy analog  5KHz EM
 Transmission Power  Up to 4 dBm  Up to 0 dBm
 ANT- FS Data  Encryption  AES-128  No
 Operating Supply  Voltage  2.0 - 3.6v  3.0 - 10.0v


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