High Node Count
and IoT Solutions

As diverse industries increasingly explore the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is becoming clear that there is no single wireless networking solution that can serve every “what if” scenario.  ANT, the Ultra-Low Power (ULP) networking protocol, offers the flexibility to address many applications with a range of high node count, mesh-style network topologies, interconnecting wireless devices in easy and practical ways.


Introducing ANT BLAZE™ for high node count IoT applications.

ANT BLAZE is a connectionless mesh-style network technology built on the ANT protocol for commercial and industrial high node count IoT monitoring and control applications in challenging environments:

  • Robust ANT BLAZE networks of up to 500 nodes are self-forming and self-healing, providing ease of installation and maintenance when run either with or without a cloud connection.
  • Reliable and enterprise-ready, ANT BLAZE acts as its own independent communications ‘backbone’, coexisting cleanly with on-premises IT infrastructures.
  • ANT BLAZE runs on Dual-Protocol D52 ANT SoC Premium Modules; Developers can deploy ANT BLAZE networks that can be concurrently commissioned and accessed from tablets and phones using Bluetooth.

ANT BLAZE Software

ANT BLAZE is available to application developers as End-Node and Gateway software libraries compatible with D52 ANT SoC Premium modules, and is supported by an SDK complete with reference examples and analysis tools.  ANT BLAZE Libraries are available in a download package with a license for evaluation use.  A commercial license is required for using ANT BLAZE in a commercial product. 

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ANT BLAZE Product Brief (PDF)  Download ANT BLAZE


D52 ANT SoC Premium Modules

ANT BLAZE runs on D52 ANT SoC Premium modules.  The updated D52 ANT SoC Module Starter Kit (D52DK2) contains everything needed to begin developing with D52 ANT Premium Modules, using ANT and BLE. The newly released Extender Kit (D52EXT1) includes four battery powered nodes to enable ANT BLAZE IoT application development.

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D52 ANT SoC Module Series  D52 Starter Kits