ANT+ Ecosystem

“It just works!” That’s the phrase you’ll hear when athletes talk about their fitness devices powered by ANT+.  Built on ANT, the wireless networking protocol proven in ultra-low power (ULP) sensor networks, ANT+ built upon device profiles for purpose-built sensors such as heart rate monitors, bike speed sensors, remote controllable fitness equipment and more. As a result of these profiles, athletes know they can expect interoperability and reliability when they buy equipment bearing the ANT+ logo – it just works.

Join the ANT+ Alliance as an Adopter and be a part of the growing community of manufacturers and developers dedicated to interoperability and reliability in sport, fitness and wellness monitoring.  Being part of the ANT+ ecosystem enables you to leverage the community and get started with ANT+ development.

Upgrading to a full ANT+ Alliance Membership enables engagement into ANT+ focused networking opportunities as well as trade shows (including CES, Interbike, MWC, Eurobike, IHRSA , Solid Conference and more). In addition to connectivity to the ecosystem of ANT+ capable innovators,  direct support channels to help get your product to market are also offered.  Opportunities to participate in Technical Working Groups (TWGs) for device profile development let you help shape the future of sport, fitness and wellness monitoring, and make sure the ANT+ ecosystem keeps growing!

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Solution Highlights:

  • Hundreds of Certified Products ecosystem with hundreds of certified products – from smartphones, to personal displays, to sensors and more
  • Use-specific device profiles promote interoperability
  • Development tools and reference designs speed up development
  • Based on the ANT 2.4GHz wireless networking protocol
  • Ultra-low power –  long-term battery operation
  • Extensive ANT+ Alliance business network. View ANT+ Alliance testimonials here.

Take a look at the power of ANT+ in the marketplace: