ANT is an ultra-low power (ULP) wireless networking protocol which enables objects from everyday life to connect with each other easily in practical and valuable ways. In millions of consumer devices today, the ANT Protocol is a proven solution for rapidly evolving applications in the Internet of Things.

Enabling connected devices to run for years of 24 hour/day operation on a coin cell battery, ANT pioneered the reliable ultra- low power wireless solution of choice for personal sport and fitness products. The ANT protocol is the base technology that powers the active ANT+ sport, fitness and wellness product ecosystem.

The ANT protocol's ability to easily connect devices in flexible ways serves a broad range of applications. Use cases including simple device-to-device links, high numbers of smart objects linked wirelessly, and many more can be built with ANT.

ANT can be found in many consumer products, from simple sensors to personal mobile devices. Adding ANT to this diverse set of devices is made possible with ANT technology components that are available and ready to integrate in multiple forms:

  • ANT network processor and SoC chips
  • ANT modules and USB sticks
  • ANT development kits
  • ANT software and development tools for multiple platforms, including Android, PC, and Mac

Full details about the ANT protocol can be found in the ANT Message Protocol and Usage document. Download here >

Solution Highlights:

  • A 2.4GHz wireless networking protocol
  • Ultra-low power – ANT enabled devices can run on a coin cell battery for years of operation
  • Flexible interconnection capability – from a single pair to high numbers of nodes, in practical configurations
  • Easy to use – for developers, manufacturers and end consumers
  • Small and efficient – small footprint means more space for application developers to realize their ideas
  • Supports AES-128 encrypted channels – for secure connections
  • Base wireless technology that powers the ANT+ product ecosystem