N5 Starter Kit

N5 ANT SoC Module Starter Kit contains all the pieces you need to start evaluation and development using the module and/or nRF51422.

Besides the freely available manuals and reference code from Dynastream Innovations, a product key of Nordic Semiconductor is provided so as to access all the supporting documents and software by Nordic Semiconductor.

The starter kit contains the following hardware pieces. Most of the parts are sold individually if users need to create a more complex network.

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  Order Number Quantity Part Description
N5150M5CD 2 Module with 20-pin Molex connector
ANTBAT2 1 Battery board with a Molex socket, a reset button and a five-position dip switch
ANTIO1 1 I/O board with a Molex connector, a Molex socket, 4 LEDs and 4 buttons
ANTUIF1 1 USB Interface Board with a Molex socket
  1 Segger J-Link Lite Programmer


Software Tools Version

File Size

OTA Updater 1.2 435 KB
N5 Starter Kit ANT IO Demo 1.0

345 KB

ANT USB Interface Board Driver - Windows

156 KB

Development Kit Manual Version File Size
N5 Starter Kit User Manual 3.0 3.3 MB
N5 Starter Kit User Manual (legacy) 2.0 2.4 MB
N5 Starter Kit User Manual (legacy) 1.3 1.3 MB
ANT Embedded Reference Designs Version File Size
N5 Starter Kit SDK 3.0 4.3 MB
N5 Starter Kit SDK (Legacy) 2.0 321 KB
N5 Starter Kit SDK (Legacy) 1.0 277 KB