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Fit1-E for Manufacturers of Fitness Equipment Consoles

The FIT1-e Module was designed to provide enhanced technological features to leading equipment brands. While continuing to support legacy 5KHz heart rate transmission, (which has existed in the marketplace for several years), it also provides a link to ANT+ digital heart rate straps from 35 different brands. This digital link eliminates any transmission interference and therefore enhances the user experience.

As part of the module's development, it became important to offer brands the unique, two-way wireless communication between the console and other mobile fitness displays such as sport watches and cell phones. This feature also allows for additional wireless sensors to be incorporated into the console design, doing away with wires and the associated service/maintenance problems inherent in the perilous club cardio environment.

The FIT1-e is unique in the market and has several built-in features based on thorough research of the use-cases portrayed in the club community.

Features of the FIT1-e:

  • Dedicated channel for full two-way communication links to watches and cell-phones
  • Dedicated channel for heart rate both ANT+ and 5 KHz
  • Two open available channels to allow for proprietary data to be sent
  • RF Certification in 6 most common jurisdictions: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Europe, Canada and US
  • Pre-tuned and built-in Antenna
  • Built-in burst transmission mode to allow for data to be transferred to the mobile device
  • Available development kit to aid in integration
  • Simulator Applications
  • Available on-site training
  • E-mail and phone support in multiple languages
  • The Fit1-e allows fast time-to-market development
  • The Fit1-e has been integrated into equipment since 2008 and has a broad based of current installations