Wireless excellence in the gym.

Merge all your fitness activity

With Dynastream's first two-way digital link (the FIT1-e) between fitness equipment and ANT+ sensors, watches and handsets, you can now collect, transfer and track your data anywhere, anytime.

Convenience for Manufacturers
Dynastream’s FIT1-e module offers time-to-market convenience with direct technical support.

Simplicity for Consumers
Link your outdoor monitoring tools to equipment in the club.

Fitness Perfected

Working with multiple industry leaders and ANT+, Dynastream brings unique technical advantages to the market.

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Indoor Cycling Success

Our new BODY BIKE Connect Indoor Cycle opens up for a range of different concepts and allows the bike to be utilised in ways previously not seen. First of all the accurate watt measurement allows clubs to differentiate their classes and offer special events focusing on specific fitness goals. The console also gives the opportunity for members to exercise on their own with the console as their virtual training partner. Therefore, clubs are placing 3-4 bikes in the cardio area. In the PT area, the personal trainers profit from the data output which helps them provide an efficient training for their members. With ANT+ it is possible to transfer data onto other devices and save it for later review. With this option there is an infinite number of possibilities for how users in the future choose to use the new BODY BIKE Connect.

Industry Leaders Choose Dynastream

"Dynastream's FIT1-e module has helped us provide differentiated features on our Indoor Cycles. In addition to the flexibility of receiving both ANT+ and conventional 5kz HR signals, our consoles also stream real-time data such as: Power, HR, RPM, time, speed and distance to linked mobile phone and watch devices. This wireless communication opens up a world of opportunity for users to record and combine all their indoor and outdoor fitness activities. That's impressive!"
- Doug Crawford, Foundation Fitness